We are well into the winter season and Rochester is experiencing heavy snow and ice. Have you ever wondered what happens to your lawn during cold weather? Here are a few of the risks to expect once the snow melts.

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Snow Mold

You might not think of mold growing on your lawn – but that’s exactly what happens to many lawns during the winter. Snow mold is a type of fungus that flourishes on lawns that are under a great deal of snow. It can be difficult to remove once the ice has melted and can pose a safety hazard to your pets and children.

Root Damage

If you have any special plants, grasses, or flowers on your lawn during the winter, expect to replant them during the spring. Cold, snow, and ice can permeate the ground and cause serious damage to plant roots. This damage can completely kill a plant or stunt its growth once spring rolls around again.

Dormant Grasses

Naturally, grasses may look dead during the winter time – but they are actually in a period known as dormancy. However, the grass still needs food to survive. Many people give fertilizer to their grass before a snowfall to provide nutrients during wintertime. Without fertilizer, grass can die for good.

Blotchy, Unsightly Patches

All the death and decay that comes from the winter can lead to unsightly patches on your lawn when the snow falls. This effect can be because of improper fertilization, root damage, snow mold, or slow thawing. You will need to replant grasses in these areas to get your lawn back in tip-top shape.

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