Like all living, breathing things, your lawn needs an optimally balanced mix of oxygen, moisture and nutrients in order to thrive.  When the soil becomes too dense or compacted, it creates an environment unfavorable to healthy growth and, as a result, the grass, greenery and vegetation above can suffer.  LC Property Maintenance is a full-service Rochester landscaping company that offers affordable lawn aerating services for homes, businesses and developers.

  • Over a decade of professional core aeration experience in the Rochester area
  • Our team uses advanced equipment to ensure a proper & thorough aeration
  • Ask us about our professional lawn rolling services for more serious concerns
  • Attracts earthworms to improve natural drainage and nourish your soil
  • Revamping your property? We also offer Spring and Fall lawn cleanups

Having your lawn aerated is something that just about every homeowner and business will have to deal with eventually.  If you’re concerned about your property and want to know more about the benefits of core aeration, give LC Property Maintenance a call at (585) 831-3796.

For additional information on our landscape and lawn services, or to get started with your free estimate, call LC Property Maintenance & Landscape LLC today at 585-831-3796 or write to us through our contact page.

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