Whether you’re dealing with annoying mole holes, shifting pockets of soil, or indentations from heavy items that have since been moved, having your lawn rolled is a fast and effective way to even-out your outdoor surfaces.  Here at LC Property Maintenance, we utilize some of the best equipment available and a process honed over many years, to restore perfectly level surfaces that are safer and more pleasing to the eyes.

  • An affordable way to eliminate holes and underground critter tunnels
  • Evenly flattens surfaces that have been indented with heavy structures
  • An essential step in many backyard additions including pools, gardens and more
  • Can increase safety and prevent injuries in areas where kids run and play
  • Proudly offering affordable lawn rolling services throughout greater Rochester

If you’re new to the notion of having your lawn rolled and unsure on where to begin, our team will be happy to walk you through the process.  Get started on your free estimate by calling LC Property Maintenance today at (585) 831-3796.

For additional information on our landscape and lawn services, or to get started with your free estimate, call LC Property Maintenance & Landscape LLC today at 585-831-3796 or write to us through our contact page.

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